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Welcome to Alchemy Computer Services

Alchemy Computer Services of Irvine focuses on providing you with solutions to all your computer and internet needs. Alchemy Computer Services is a Do-It-All Computer Company and we pride ourselves in getting the job done correctly, the first time. We know how frustrating it can be when your computer is not functioning the way you want it to. So with being the premier Computer Network Support and Information Technology Outsourcing company in the greater Orange County area, allows us to stay focused on assisting all sized businesses with all of its Computer needs in one place at an affordable price. Our mission has always been to help all businesses, regardless of their size, take advantage of reliable modern technology to furnish the fundamental computing tools needed for financial stability, growth, and by providing superior quality service with top-notch technical expertise.



1.1.2016  |  Search Engine Optimization

Alchemy Computer Services, is now offering full Web Development packages, Domain names, including Search Engine Optimization, Multimedia, as well as Strategic Marketing Solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today for more details.

4.1.2014  |  Computer Repair Tune-Up

Does your computer run slow? Freeze Up? Display Error Messages? A “High-Tech Computer Tune-Up” could be the answer. Normal, everyday use can cause your computer to slow down when dust accumulates in the wrong places and programs get installed and uninstalled. Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs can cause files to fragment and become un-useable. Computer viruses are becoming rampant and there is always the possibility that one has taken up residence in your machine. Restore your productivity with this important computer maintenance procedure!


Computer Network Support

At Alchemy, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of customer service. Unlike some other computer network support services, we won't simply fix your problems and leave. Instead, we'll take the time to examine every aspect of your network. Then we'll work with you and your employees to make sure your entire network is running smoothly and at the highest level of performance. Contact us today and let Alchemy Computer Services of Southern California handle all of your computer support needs at affordable rates.


Web Development and Content Maintenance

Let Alchemy Computer Services be your single point of contact for all of your IT service needs to include Web Design and Development. The Internet offers a level playground to businesses of all sizes and the ability to understand the web marketplace while building a website that is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing is a hard set of tasks. In addition, once you have a webpage that looks nice and is user-friendly, how do you increase traffic? Alchemy Computer Services has the solutions to all of these issues and also has extensive training and experience in "search engine optimization (SEO)!"


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